David Amos Woodworks

The inspiration

Living within view and earshot of the ocean has been the inspiration for my work for over 30 years. As a surfer, the Atlantic coastline offers many hidden and secret places that not only reveal waves, but a history of maritime living washed up on her shores.

My interest in woodworking goes back to my childhood. My father was an avid carpenter and do-it- yourself man, and at an early age I was witness to the creation of large-scale building projects. He also found the time to teach me the basics of hand tools on joint projects like go-carts and treasure boxes.

These foundational skills led to the passion I have for woodworking in my adult life. As my experience developed in carpentry and construction, it fed my woodworking abilities on more artistic concepts and applications. It was through these discoveries that my interest in creating purposeful products from interesting pieces of wood was formed.

A vision of sustainability  

David Amos Woodworks creates stylish, functional wood products made from 100% reclaimed wood.

As a maker of sustainable and long-lasting wood products, I salvage fallen trees, shrubs, repurposed building materials, and driftwood—all with an eye for uncovering unique grains, shapes and colours in the wood. As pieces are created through batch production, each will be unique in its finished characteristics.

Great care is taken to reduce waste and repurpose the materials that go into creating unique and useful products. Wood is sourced through landscape architects, arborists and woodlot owners—and environmentally-friendly finishes, oils and other fabricating components are used.

Nature’s beauty revealed for years to come.

David Amos

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